About Us

Our background and experience
As Central Scotland’s leading fire Protection Company we have over 20 years experience within our field. Over the years we have built a reputation for reliability, quality of customer service and professional standards. This knowledge allows us to offer the full range of fire protection services to our customers to comply with current fire legislation.

Our belief
We believe it is important to work closely with our customers as understanding their needs allows us to offer an individual assessment to safeguard their surroundings. A good working relationship with our customers ensures that they benefit from our honesty and commitment to high standards; we firmly believe that this sets us apart from other providers in our industry.


Our Team

Robert Stirton

(Business owner)

20 years fire industry experience and still learning (where does the time go) My first opportunity was with Briton Fire as a Business Development Manager from there I progressed through fire extinguisher maintenance, fire alarm inspection and testing and studying fire safety. Moving into the oil and Gas sector provided great experience over the next 5 years. Starting Central Fire Protection Scotland Ltd in 2013 has been my biggest and most enjoyable challenge to date. Here’s looking forward to the next 20.